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Discover Freedom and Intuition through Intuitive Dance Meditation

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

In our fast-paced world, finding a moment of stillness and reconnecting with our intuition can be challenging. However, there is a beautiful practice that combines the mindfulness of yoga with the expressive freedom of dance – Intuitive Dance Meditation. Led by the talented Tasheena Medina, this transformative event offers a unique opportunity to integrate movement, mindfulness, and community-building in a serene natural setting. In this blog, we will explore the essence of Intuitive Dance Meditation and why it’s a must-try for those seeking self-discovery, connection, and rejuvenation.

Purpose: Intuitive Dance Meditation is a fusion of yoga and dance, aiming to help participants embody freedom and reconnect with their intuition. Tasheena Medina, the organizer of this event, recognizes the importance of building a supportive community and fostering a deep connection to the Earth. With this in mind, she offers free classes to ensure accessibility for all who are genuinely seeking a transformative practice. By holding the classes in local parks within the Northeast LA area, the event embraces the natural beauty of the surroundings and encourages a profound connection to the environment.

Who Should Join: Intuitive Dance Meditation welcomes anyone interested in building community, connecting with the Earth, and exploring the transformative power of dance, yoga, and mindfulness practices. This event is open to individuals of all backgrounds and experience levels. Tasheena Medina believes that financial limitations should never hinder self-care and connecting with like-minded individuals. So, if you have an open heart and a desire to explore movement and mindfulness, this class is for you. Feel free to share this opportunity with your loved ones to create an even more inclusive and supportive space.

Event Details: The Intuitive Dance Meditation class will take place at Hermon Park, near Highland Park in Los Angeles. Please note that the park location may shift for future events. The class will last for 1.5 hours, allowing ample time for participants to dive deep into self-awareness and mindfulness through dance. Afterward, those interested in building connections with other attendees can stay and engage in community-building activities. To make the most of the experience, remember to bring water, a yoga mat or blanket, comfortable clothes, and snacks or a light meal for a post-class picnic with the community.

About the Class: Intuitive Dance Meditation utilizes the art form of dance as the primary medium for self-awareness and mindfulness. Through the exploration of breath, sound, body, story, mind, spirit, and fusion (of all elements), participants tap into their body’s innate healing resources and uncover their unique creativity. Tasheena Medina, a skilled dance and yoga instructor, will guide participants through these seven areas of mindfulness in motion, allowing them to cultivate a deeper understanding of themselves and their bodies.

About Tasheena Medina: Tasheena Medina, the driving force behind Intuitive Dance Meditation, is an accomplished dance and yoga practitioner. After graduating with a BFA in Dance Theatre, she has made significant contributions to various choreography projects for television and stage productions. Tasheena’s expertise ranges from Nickelodeon’s AwesomenessTV to her role as the Assistant Choreographer on FOX TV’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine and NBC’s Parks and Recreation. Furthermore, she has been recognized for her choreography work with nominations for the LA Stage Alliance Ovation award. Tasheena is also an advocate for education and personal growth, sharing her knowledge through the practices of yoga, Intuitive Dance Meditation, and Social Emotional Learning (SEL). Currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Yoga Therapy at Loyola Marymount University, Tasheena is dedicated to creating safe and authentic spaces for individuals to explore their potential.

Intuitive Dance Meditation offers a truly transformative experience for individuals seeking self-discovery, connection, and inner growth. Led by the talented Tasheena Medina, this practice combines the beauty of dance with the mindfulness of yoga, allowing participants to tap into their intuition and cultivate a sense of freedom. Through this event, you’ll not only connect with your own body and creativity but also build a supportive community of like-minded individuals. Join Tasheena at the upcoming Intuitive Dance Meditation class and embark on a journey towards self-awareness, mindfulness, and empowerment.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the magic of Intuitive Dance Meditation. Follow Tasheena Medina on social media @tasheenamedinachavez and visit her website to stay updated on upcoming events and deepen your understanding of this transformative practice. Together, let’s embrace movement, mindfulness, and the power of community!

Register for the FREE upcoming Intuitive Dance Meditation class here:

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