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J. McKee 

Curriculum & EL Coordinator | LA College Prep Academy

"Tasheena is an exemplary educator; her depth of understanding and instructional tactics have proven themselves with her students. It has been through her dedication and creativity -easily observed in her classroom- that have made many of her students succeed in her classes, whether P.E., Dance, or Yoga. She has a unique ability to inspire and fill her students with love of dance, movement, and health despite any initial resistance they may have. Her classroom is structured and her classroom management is superb."

Joe Calarco 

Artistic Director | Coeurage Ensemble

"Tasheena worked as the choreographer for my productions of The Sparrow, for which she earned an Ovation Award nomination, as well as Mary Zimmerman’s The Secret in the Wings. Both productions were critically celebrated, due in no small part to her contributions. As I grew more familiar with Tasheena, her creative role in these shows grew substantially. Her talents as a choreographer are obvious, but she very quickly became, in my view, an artistic partner. I trust her implicitly. Even though she was not required to be, Tasheena was present at almost every rehearsal of The Secret in the Wings, and in many ways the totality of the production’s movement was a collaboration between she and I. Her aesthetic sensibilities, spiritual openness, work ethic and deep intelligence are wonderful and rare, and I’ve seldom felt similar kinships with other artists. Tasheena is a joy to be around both professionally and personally, and I cannot recommend her enough."

Zaida Marston 

Creative | Copywriter

"Tasheena embodies the heart of a visionary and the soul of a creator. More so, she leads with her compassion in her effort to connect and communicate with everyone she works with. As a collaborator, she opens her creative lens with a mission to amplify the views and voices of those without a traditional method of expression. She takes great care to uplift and support those in search of inspiration and authenticity. For anyone looking for a highly dedicated and knowledgeable partner in the world of wellness and movement, Tasheena is your answer."

Joanna B.

Yoga, Self Awareness & Meditation

"My daughter is taking a couple different classes with Tasheena and always emerges feeling more reflective, grounded and relaxed!"

Jill B.

Yoga for Kids

"Tasheena is a wonderful teacher who is excellent at uplifting and motivating her students."

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